Aside from public and free of charge classes, I had always had private classes which provided a portion of my expenses. My activities included writing musical notes for different instruments, composing and writing lyrics, making Iranian instruments, and adjusting, recording, editing and making didactic audios and videos for different instruments.
I have my own teaching methodology in which teaching each instrument is together with solfeggio, i.e. musical language (do re mi fa sol la si/ti).

My other writings, which are available in pdf, audio and video formats, include:

  • Notes of worldwide well-known pianists and other works;
  • Notes of well-known American and international singers and orchestras;
  • Notes of background music of Hollywood films and many famous movies;
  • A collection of national hymns of all countries, more than four hundred.

I have adjusted and prepared the above mentioned collections and I am, currently, trying to advance my activities in different musical grounds and my works are the outcome of forty years of struggle and hard work.