About Me


My name is Ramin Aria (Yousefi). I was born in 1953 and I experienced music as an innate feeling in my childhood.
Since I was 12, I started to actively learn and play different instruments under the supervision of expert instructors.
I mastered my favorite instrument, piano, very early and simultaneously I started playing guitar, spinet, chord, sitar, and other instruments. I became familiar with such instruments at Kakh Javanan (Juvenile Palace), in which wind instruments were prevalent in those years, and I had a part in different orchestras at that age. When I was 16, I started my career at Kakh Javanan as a music tutor for I could play most of the instruments. I was responsible to teach different instruments, hold orchestras of wind instruments and traditional and pop orchestras for different celebrations and cross-country camping (and Ramsar camp), and preparation for solo and band performance competitions and the people to whom I was teaching were consisted of students of different ages, orphans, and disabled or impaired people who were supported by this institute (Shir va Khorshid [Lion & Sun]).

Most of my time is dedicated to writing and adjusting notes for piano (notes and key pressings in a piece are shown visually) which are very effective for learning, and today that smart phones, iPods, computers and TVs have become a part of our daily lives. Since internet and YouTube have an influential role in all cultural pedagogical issues for all nations of the world, I started to give an international aspect to my activities and I did so by theoretical and practical instruction through my website, YouTube and other online facilities.

My writings include revisions of many of classical pieces by Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Chopin and hundreds of musicians from whom special pieces are remained. These revisions are prepared after careful editing and are digitally available in Midi and different formats.